Emanuel (“Manny”) Fried
Fact Sheet

Born March 1, 1913

Playwright, Novelist & Actor; 1928 – Present; Buffalo, NY; New York City, NY

Instructor, Western New York Playwrights Workshop; 1983 – Present; Alleyway Theatre, Just Buffalo Lit. Ctr., Buffalo.

English Professor Emeritus: Creative Writing: Novel, Poetry, Short Story; 1972 – present; Buffalo State College

Labor Organizer with United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers, International representative for Western New York's 30,000 union members; 1941‑1955; Buffalo, New York City

PhD, English Literature: Pardon Me, Your Class Is Showing (Essays And Related Material Concerning Class Structure and the Arts).  State University of New York at Buffalo, 1974.  210 pp.  (Pub. No. AAT 7507746, DAI-A 35/10, p. 6595, April 1975)


The Un‑American. 1992. Labor Arts Books. Buffalo, NY. Autobiographical non‑fiction novel.

Big Ben Hood. 1987. Labor Arts Books. Buffalo, NY.  Novel.

Meshugah and Other Stories. 1982. Labor Arts Books. Buffalo, NY.  Short Stories.

Plays Published:

Elegy For Stanley Gorski. 1986. Labor Arts Books. Buffalo, NY.

Drop Hammer. 1977. Labor Arts Books. Buffalo, NY.

The Dodo Bird. 1975. Labor Arts Books. Buffalo, NY.

Plus numerous short stories and articles in magazines and newspapers.

Play Productions:

"Mishpawcha": winner, Western New York Play Contest, was given non- professional workshop production at Buffalo Ensemble Theatre.

"The Dodo Bird": New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Kansas City, Cleveland, et al.

"Drop Hammer": Los Angeles, Buffalo, Kansas City, Pittsburgh.

"Elegy For Stanley Gorski (Brother Gorski)": New York, Buffalo.

"The Second Beginning (The Dead Hand; Rose)": New York, Buffalo, Detroit, Midwest Playwrights (Minneapolis, MN).

"A Piece Of Cake (The Peddler)": New York, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Univ. of Arkansas.

"The Judge": Pittsburgh, Buffalo.

"Brothers For A' That (A Man's A Man)": Rochester, Pittsburgh, Buffalo; Honorable Mention, International Society of Dramatists Play Contest.

"Big Ben Hood": Buffalo; also staged reading at Festival of New Plays, Cleveland Public Theatre; Semi‑finalist, Beverly Hills Play Contest and Denver Center Theatre Play Contest; First Honorable Mention, Arizona International Theatre Festival Play Contest Program Selection.

"Elizabeth's Story (Cocoon)": Buffalo.

"David And Son (Mark of Success)": New American Playwrights Selection at Catawba College, N.C.; Buffalo.

"Triangle": Buffalo.

Additional educational activities:

Conducted workshops and read from his work, sponsored by universities, literary centers, labor organizations, et al. in cities in New York, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachusetts, Missouri, et al.

Wrote Many Faces docudrama (film and live theatre) about changing work, commissioned by Cornell University, and performed for Ford Motor Corporation/United Auto Workers Leadership Conference.

Taught Short Story & Playwriting at Cornell University's Labor Studies Program.

Community activities:

Board Member, Crisis Services, Buffalo NY.
Delegate, Buffalo AFL-CIO Council.
Board Member, Erie-Niagara Counties Alliance for Retired Americans.

Film credits:

The Donut Clerk, in Vincent Gallo's Buffalo '66 (1998)

Stage acting credits:

New York City: (Before temporarily abandoning theater to work in an airplane factory and become a union organizer) with stage name Edward Mann performed in over a dozen Broadway plays including support role in "Having Wonderful Time" with John Garfield, and lead role, directed by Kazan, in "The Young Go First"; as member of Theatre of Action, studied with Group Theatre's Strasburg, Clurman, Kazan, Odets, et al.

Currently in Buffalo: Performed in "Twelve Angry Men" and "Golf With Alan Shepard" at Studio Arena (LORT); "Philadelphia, Here I Come," "All's Well That Ends Well," "Three Sisters," "An Ideal Husband," "Da," "Streets of Dublin" and "Moll" at Irish Classical Theatre; "Requiem For a Heavyweight," "Beauty and the Beast" and "Pinocchio" at TOY (Theatre of Youth); "Macbeth," "Othello" and "Henry IV" at Shakespeare-in-the-Park; "Visiting Mr. Green," "Cabaret," "Working," "All My Sons," "In Delicate Balance," "The Price," "Fiddler On The Roof," "Mornings at Seven," "The Crucible," "The Seagull," "Antigone," "1776," et al. at other theatres in the area.

With Theatre For Change performed a wide variety of roles, dramatizing social issues at conferences and seminars for corporations, unions, law firms, hospitals, health organizations, et al. in Buffalo, Kansas City, Lima (OH), Detroit, Las Vegas, Black Lake MI, Nashville, et al.

Awards received:

Named one of One Hundred Most Influential Western New Yorkers In The Twentieth Century by Buffalo's NBC affiliate WGRZ-TV Ch. 2.

Individual Artist Award from Arts Council in Buffalo and Erie County and Greater Buffalo Chamber of Commerce for lifetime contribution to arts.

Joe Hill Award from national AFL-CIO sponsored Labor Heritage Foundation for lifetime contribution to the cause of labor through the arts.

Peace Award from Western New York Peace Center for lifetime dedication "to cause of peace and to the struggle for social justice."

Pushcart Press Award: Outstanding Story of the Year for "The Junkman Sings In Spring."

Name embedded in star on sidewalk in Buffalo's Walk Of Fame.

Western New York Best Actor Award from the Arties Committee sponsored by AdVoice publication.

Coalition for Economic Justice Award for lifetime contribution to the cause of social justice.

Contact Information:
1064 Amherst Street
Buffalo, NY 14216
Phone (716) 873-4131
E-mail friedej@buffalostate.edu

Note (27 May 2011): The above contact information has been left in for historical purposes only, as this was the resume Manny used. Manny was active for some years after providing this resume in 2003, so his final vita is even more extensive. The contact information is no longer valid. Please contact Mindy Fried to obtain permission to produce Manny Fried’s plays and for all other business related to Manny @ mindy@fried.net. For all matters relating to this web site including contributions, contact Ralph Dumain.

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