Letter from Albert Einstein
to Emanuel Fried

© Emanuel Fried. All rights reserved. Edited image of original letter & envelope.

Transcription of Letter:

April 16, 1954

Mr. Emanuel Fried
360 Delaware Ave.
Buffalo 2, N.Y.

Dear Mr.Fried:

I am convinced that you did the right thing and fulfilled your duty as a citizen under difficult circumstances.

My respect,

Albert Einstein.

© Emanuel Fried. All rights reserved.

Emanuel Fried Explains:

This letter was written to me after I had written Einstein as suggested by a friend of mine, to let Einstein know that I had followed his advice when I appeared before the House Un-American Activities Committee, refusing to answer any of its questions and not citing any amendments for that refusal, but telling the committee that it had no right to exist or to ask anyone any questions since the enabling resolution establishing the committee was unconstitutional in that it did not define any specific area to investigate but allowed the committee to roam anywhere it wanted to go. The chair of the committee told me I would be indicted for contempt by Congress, which is of course what I was seeking in order to have the courts decide whether I go to jail or the committee go out of existence. The committee apparently decided not to risk going out of existence and did not indict me.

© 2003 Emanuel Fried. All rights reserved.

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