Vedanta and the Bengal Renaissance

by Niranjan Dahr

Preface       v
  I.   Birth of Vedanta and its earlier Historic Role
   [Challenge from traders and artisans    12
    Vedantic Offensive                             18]


II.   British Imperialism at Work: Forces behind the Vedantic Movement 27
  III.   Rammohun  37
  IV.   The Nature of the Brahmo Movement  50
  V.   Brahmo Reforms  
      (A) Religious    74
      (B) Social  95
  VI.   The Vedantic Cult of Ramakrishna  114
  VII.   Feudal Background of the Ramakrishna Movement 128
  VIII.   A Prophet under Duress  139
  IX.   Secular English Education and Learning  152
  X.   Triumph of Vedanta  166
APPENDIX       185
INDEX       199

SOURCE: Dahr, Niranjan. Vedanta and the Bengal Renaissance. Calcutta: Minerva Associates, 1977.

Note: In the text, chapters IX and X are misnumbered as 10 and 11, respectively. I have used this latter (incorrect) set of numbers.

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