Zombie Haiku Cycle

by Ralph Dumain

In the Life
(Zombie Haiku #1)

Alive in the morn,
   zombies by noon, do zombies
copulate at night?

4 August 2011

Polite Request to the American People
(Zombie Haiku #2)

Brains are delicious!
   Since you have no need for yours,
May I dine on them?

5 August 2011

Michelle Obama Wants Your Nasty Body
(Zombie Haiku #3)

Rotting flesh drops off,
   Zombies, you’re Americans,
get with the program!

5 August 2011

Red State Starvation
(Zombie Haiku #4)

Zombies go hungry:
   No brains in Alabama.
Time to emigrate.

5 August 2011

Two Party System
(Zombie Haiku #5)

Standardized testing:
   Zombies outperform Congress,
nation of retards.

5 August 2011

New Deal Repeal
(Zombie Haiku #6)

Unemployment up,
   no Medicaid for you, so
watch out for your brains!

5 August 2011

Constipation, Faux pas
(Zombie Haiku #7)

So bloated, I feel
   like a Zombie. Zombie says:
“I beg your pardon?”

6 August 2011

Ass Man’s Worst Nightmare
(Zombie Haiku #8)

She with the fine ass,
   has now turned to rotting flesh:
I flee in terror.

7 August 2011

Zombie American Princess
(Zombie Haiku #9)

How can you tell when
   a ZAP has an orgasm?
She drops her nail file.

7 August 2011

The Zombies: “She’s Not There”
(Zombie Haiku #10)

It’s too late to say
   you’re sorry. Why should I care?
You sucked out her brain.

8 August 2011

2011, 2021 Ralph Dumain

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