Cascades in Silence

My song surges through the wires of midnight.

      Channels of feeling pour into empty space

              to disperse where?  Not into cramped spaces

                  which lovers, families, communities carve

                        out for themselves — not my vessels

                               of infinity. Who will receive my passion?

Like playing a saxophone solo to the Grand Canyon,

      from one heart beyond form or fibre

              reaching to the impersonal grandeur,

                   just to be, to be, to be — essentu!

                        davening before the wall of the horizon.

I'm just burning without echo without shadow

      I'm just a burning bush in the desert at dusk

              I'm just the electricity of eyes igniting some spark

                   I'm just the ghost of matter haunting the future.

What is, is not; that dimensionless bubble

      of the moment is the fount of my shining

              forth out and beyond this aching form.

Gently I descend like a brush across the cheek,

      a loving stroke beneath the chin, then a smile.

Ralph Dumain
January 1, 1995


esse: Latin: “to be”
ntu: Swahili: “to be”
davening: Yiddish anglicized: Jewish praying, characterized by bowing rapidly back and forth

©1995, 2000, 2007 Ralph Dumain

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Uploaded 18 August 2000
Edited 22 December 2007

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