(for Michael Colquhoun)

by Ralph Dumain

Give me some notes!
Start beating ’round the bush;
no shading here, no doodle there;
stand up for yerself,
put it together;
give me some notes.

I want a horny tuba to tell me some jokes.
I want a piano made of bones to connect me to some body.
I want the clarinet to spermate; I want the cello
to make me come, to make me call her name.

Don’t give me static;
give me some notes!

Give me lamb stew; give me fried chicken;
give me peach cobbler out of your oven.
Give me the rain while I'm lunching by the radio;
give me some breeze in by the open back door.

Take me on a ride; make me imagine.
Make it stick to me while I'm stuck on the subway.
Be an old train roaring through midnight,
sparking up some old romance making me smile.

Give me some space and fill up my emptiness.
Make the silences swing; make time stop or roll
swiftly down the road under the moon.

The sun has something to say,
like Pharoah Sanders, but make it speak cleanly
and clear the air with fire.
Then be smooth, smooth, like the streetlamp
brushing nearby leaves with its light.

Give the gift that gives for centuries.
Give me some notes!

5 September 1992, rev. 2 October 1992
Edited & uploaded 18 September 2000

©1992, 2000

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Uploaded 18 September 2000

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