Irony, Paradox, & Reductio ad Absurdum:
Selected Online Sources

Compiled by Ralph Dumain

Bredin, Hugh. Ironies and Paradoxes. Paper presented at the 20th World Congress of Philosophy, Boston, 10-16 August 1998.

Brooks, Cleanth. "The Language of Paradox," in The Well-Wrought Urn: Studies in the Structure of Poetry (1947) (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 1975), pp. 3-21.

Jansen, Henrike. “Common Ground, Argument Form and Analogical Reductio ad Absurdum,” in H.V. Hansen, et al. (Eds.), Dissensus and the Search for Common Ground (Windsor, ON: OSSA, 2007), CD-ROM, pp. 1-10.

Jansen, Henrike. “Refuting a Standpoint by Appealing to Its Outcomes: Reductio ad Absurdum vs. Argument from ConsequencesInformal Logic, vol. 27, no. 3 (2007), pp. 249-266.

Kaufer, David S.; Neuwirth, Christine M. “The Irony Game: Assessing a Writer's Adaptation to an OpponentJAC / Journal of Advanced Composition, volume 2, issue 1/2, 2006.

Paradox (literature) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Szabados, Béla. Hypocrisy: Ethical Investigations. Peterborough, ON: Broadview Press, 2004. See Part V: Irony, Hypocrisy, and Socrates.

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